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POSE лого

POSE – Improving the Quality of Physical Education in Kindergarten to Prevent Postural Defects in Children

Project Reference: 2021-1-PL01-KA220-SCH-000049203

Implementation period: March 2022 – February 2025

Coordinator: Klett Polska

The POSE project has been conceived in line with the Commission’s vision to achieve a European Education Area by 2025, where ECEC policy has a key role to play. Assuredly, the enhancement of early years’ curricula needs to nurture children’s wellbeing and ensure a balance in the provision of social-emotional and cognitive development, acknowledging the importance of physical activity among others. Spinal deformities are the most common health problem among young people in Poland, with up to 80% of school-age children being affected and postural defects occurring more frequently than other common conditions such as obesity.

Understanding the essence of the problem, an international group of specialists in the field of early childhood education and care has gathered to develop tools to improve the quality of physical education in kindergartens and correct posture defects in children.

The POSE project aims to:
• Development of practical methodological guidelines and training of pre-school teachers in the field of knowledge and methodological competences related to prevention of posture defects in children
• Launching a multilingual, publicly available POSE educational platform offering open educational resources, in physical education of the youngest with special emphasis over the prevention and correction of posture defects in children
• Creation of a widely available POSE training program that will equip kindergarten teachers with practical knowledge and skills to effectively conduct gymnastic classes to correct posture defects
• To raise the general awareness of kindergarten teachers of their key role in promoting healthy lifestyles and good health patterns among children

The POSE project is being implemented by a partnership involving publishing houses, training providers, higher education institutions and kindergartens in Bulgaria, Poland and Slovakia. 

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