About us


уникалност икона

Our uniqueness

We are a professional publishing house with over 25 years of experience in education and training. We offer a wide range of professional and methodological literature specialized for the field of preschool and school education – handbooks with replaceable pages, thematic editions and series, workbooks for children and students, e-books. Our wide portfolio of over 250 approved training programs designed to enhance the competencies of teachers and headmasters of educational institutions, non-pedagogical staff, etc. makes us the preferred partner and training provider by educational institutions across the country. We offer digital solutions that reduce the administrative burden and facilitate a range of processes in schools and kindergartens.

As part of the German publishing group Klett, we have the opportunity to draw inspiration from different countries across Europe, and as a result of our participation in international projects, we continuously share and promote best practices from Bulgaria in the field of education and training.

By combining our experience with the innovative ideas of our customers, our partners – various organizations from home and abroad and our experts –authors and trainers, we create products and solutions with a vision of the future, with the child at the center.



история икона

Our history

RAABE Bulgaria is part of the Stuttgart-based German publishing group Klett and in particular of its division Klett Lernen und Information. Covering the full spectrum of products and services for education and training – from nursery to university and adult education, with its more than 80 companies in 19 countries the Klett Publishing Group is one of the leaders in the field of education and training in Europe.

ДRAABE Bulgaria was founded in 1996 and initially launched products and services to support the public sector, business, finance, accounting, construction. Gradually RAABE developed its activities in the field of education, and since 2009 professional literature for education and trainings of pedagogical professionals has become our core business.

In recent years, the challenges of the global world and comprehensive digitalization have provoked us to develop modern and innovative solutions that respond to the dynamic changes in the field of education and that meet the needs of our customers.



визия икона

Our vision

Today, education is borderless. Our long-term goal is to support the improvement of the education quality in Bulgaria by drawing on and exchanging experiences and ideas. We strive to be a professional and reliable partner in solving specific and day-to-day issues of schools and kindergartens’ management, as well as their teams. Successful headmasters, competent and motivated teachers, happy, knowledgeable and capable children and students – this is our vision. Our entire portfolio of products and services is aimed at developing competencies that ensure excellence for our children and students. We deeply believe that a good education, tailored to individual needs and interests, is the key for success and every step we take is aimed at its achievement.



европа икона

RAABE in Europe

RAABE publisher offers a wide range of products and services not only in Bulgaria, but also in Germany, Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary.

More information about the products and services can be found at https://www.klett-gruppe.de/